It’s classical, right? A new year, a new start etc etc.

I have always been searching to become better, do better. But for the last years I have been pretty content. And content of being content.

During the last six months however, this have started to change. I am not as content anymore. I feel a little bit stuck in the world of mammon and me want to do good. I mean really good.

It should be pretty easy for me, who let go of the hamster wheel quite some time ago and run my own business. For me it is pretty “easy” to “just” divide my time, doing stuff that is providing me with monetary resources and, in parallell, work with things that are really important to me and society.

So, this year I will do some soul searching. Figure out what I want to do and how I can do it. In this process it will be necessary to accept that this might need to slow down on the things I want to do that require monetary means, as these will take longer to get.

What will be for sure, is that these guys will be my most precious.

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