I have given up

Yes, I have given up on mankind. There is no discussion on sociala media or IRL that isn’t black or white. Where people can keep to the point at issue, instead of disparage their opponent.

People are not able to able to see more that two dimensions (if even that). It is always tall or short. Narrow or wide. Happy or sad. With this bottomless barrel of criticism you can scoop from. “This is bad, that is bad, it should be like this (the thing they want it to be is always the total opposite)“.

And the complaining. This infinite whining, that never stops. What about a suggestion on how things could be improved? Naee, in that case, it will be a quick-fix that would help you in your matter. But then with the inability to see that one day the tables might turn  and you would be benefited by the opposite.

It is clear, people are not as clever as they think they are.

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