Far from the limit

My weekend – what did I do? Absolutely nothing!

Icleaned the house (kitchen and living room, more correctly) Saturday. Not the spare room, which needs it desperately. I also washed both cars. But the laundry was not done.

The husband was away for soccer and work, so my company was limited. But Sam joined me (freely I’d like to add) in the couch Saturday. But there was nothing to watch on the TV or streaming services and there was to energy do do something else.

Yesterday, I took a 10 min date with a friend I hadn’t seen in years by the train tracks and a beach walk with the dog.

Yep, I guess that summarizes it. Joined the not working husband to a floor ball game on Sunday night, more to have done SOMETHING together. But I would say that I could have done more this weekend. But at least I got rested.

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