Lessons learnt

Almost a week has past with not only without my husband but also my children! What have I learnt?

  • I do enjoy my husband’s company, he is quite a lot of fun
  • Without my children I have oceans of time (I new that already, but still)
  • Without children I don’t need to eat different dishes every day
  • Without children I don’t need to eat (supper) every day
  • If I’m board I sleep or take ridiculous SnapChat selfies
  • I would not have a dog if I was single
  • Refurnishing can go very fast if I put my mind into it
  • I would spend enormous amount of money on movie visits if I was single
  • The project I am in is awesome
  • I’m not half as controlling as people might think (didn’t have any problem coping with the fact that F got injured and The Mr needed to deal with it him self. Naturally I was worried, but not stressed. I knew I have children with a man who left the Neanderthal stage a few generations back)
  • I have great friends who checked in to see I was fine and invited me out
  • Parts of me was happy to miss out on the skiing, the slopes were beyond my skills and I would have been pissed most of the time for not daring to ride them without tonnes of anxiety
  • I never want my family to go on vacay without me ever again
  • I love my family unbelievable and possibly unhealthy much
Me and my family Oct 27 2012, photo: Pontus Höök
Photo: Pontus Höök

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