One of my paths to happiness

Ending the year with some reflections. I often don’t recognize myself in others. One thing that was brought to my attention the other day was my ability to take and be content with my decisions.

I believe that my ability to master the balance between sense and sensibility, is one of the reasons to why I am able to often be very content in my decisions. The second is that I know myself ridiculously well (which I believe is comes from allowing myself to be brutally honest towards myself).

The ability to combine sense and sensibility is far from congenital. In my early 30’s I went to a (career) coach where I learned so much about myself. One thing was to listen and rely on my gut. I felt things in my gut prior to this, but I never listened. All (conscious) decisions were taken In my head.

The second part, to be brutally honest, comes from a very strong self worth (or if it is the other way around, haven’t done any deeper analysis here). I AM the most important person in my life. And I (as nobody else) am not benefited by being lied to.

Now just wait a second, before you go all crazy on my. Me defining myself as the most important person isn’t about the outer, material world. It is about the (my) inner, emotional world. Which entitles me to feel good about myself. This includes that I, at times, separate my feelings from my husband’s, my children’s, my parents’, my friends’, neighbors’, colleagues’ you name it.

This combined with my fast track to my gut, allows me to be able to very fast take decisions. Decisions that I seldom worry about, or contemplate over when taken – which contributes to my path of happiness.

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