Next step

For a good 1.5 to two years I have been living  the “easy life”, meaning no new goals or challenges (yes, since I am one of those who just loves a good challenge…).

I’ve been very content where I am and where my life is. I have had (and still have) a good assignment, good clients, the family has been/is at a good place. I just hadn’t had any wish or drive to do anything else/more/different with my life.  Maybe that was exactly what we needed after a year of making the biggest change (at least for the kids) by moving and building a new house.

I have made some minor engagements as devoting myself to my own interests (as well as supporting the rest of the family in theirs) like:

  • getting politically involved locally
  • getting a PT to kick my ass every week
  • refine my soccer photography skills
  • re-joining the equestrian religion.

But much else from working and securing that the kids don’t make a total fool of themselves socially and academically I have done very little. I’m not saying that it bad, less, or nothing . But looking at my live vision I have done very little (at least what I can see today) that will take me towards it.

I guess talking about it here shows that I am ready, ready to start doing something more. Devoting time to assess my life vision and what steps I need taking.  I guess that will be my goal for 2018. I know what my fist step will be, to get in touch with two people I know can help me figure out things and start with my personal why á la Simon Sinek

Simon's why

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