I’m not much for challenges. This means that I’m not actively seeking and finding challenges. You would never hear me say “Oh, I LOVE a good challenge” God no.

I’m more the type of person who take it, even so reluctantly, when I need.

Like today, to get a fairly unknown horse from its pasture, which it’s sharing with two other wild beasts… Would I even be able to catch it? Or would she gallop away in a typical “catch me if you can” game. Or would it end with me having one horse firmly in a lead while two other were free to roam the area and, possibly, getting hit by car or the nearby train.

Nothing happened and I managed the challenge, making me a little more secure that I will manage it next time too.

Image below is the wonderful horse that I get to ride once a week, with my instructor Rebecca on the back (I’m not ready to be challenged by those kind of obstacles…). Photo: Meja Fredriksson

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