Joke or not

Hmmm, I got puzzled yesterday about a comment I was given in social media.

No doubt the comment was meant as a joke, but I instantly felt uncomfortable when reading it.

It was not until now, 12 hours later, I could come to the conclusion of why I didn’t appreciated “the joke”.

The joke took its lame point that it was bad of me to show respect (in this case towards my husband) and that he (my husband) was a lesser person if he had reacted emotionally to what I was about to do (without asking).

Why is it wrong to show respect and why is it wrong for men to be emotional (read sad)? I just don’t get it?

My reply? Naturally I too, used “humor” in my answer. I said: “I don’t care so much if he gets sad, I’m more worried if he would get mad because he gets so threatening when he becomes angry…

NOTE: No, my husband doesn’t get violent when he gets angry (he hardly gets angry). And I know it is poor humor to make points of women getting beaten by their spouses, but so is, it to claim it is bad to show others respect and for men to be sad.

NOTE 2: No, I don’t think the person I had the conversation with, did any deeper analysis of the reply to me. And that’s the problem.

People don’t think, they talk. And by this, often consolidate old truths of how thing “should be”. If you react on them, you are called political correct which to day is the worst thing one can be.

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