Drumroll please

In the annual award ceremony of the year – Greatest parents EVER, the price goes to…..

Louise and Tobias Dock!

Both the Mr and I have started working, and our sons, like many other children of their age get stuck infront of a screen. During summers we have a rule that the screen and gaming starts at 7.00 pm (with the exception of a half hour or so when they get up).

So, what to do then? Nothing. Which sometimes is the right solution. Somedays, we simply forbid our sons to be home in our house on a sunny (and sometimes rainy days). What they do, as long as they behave themselves, is irrelevant for us. Our small town offers quite some possibilities.


One can give them a modern treasure hunt. Yesterday they were asked to go to a number of places around town based on printed screenshots from Google maps. At each station they were asked to catch a Pokemon, bring home thing (available in nature) or eat an ice-cream. Each activity should be accompanied by a photographic proof sent to the parents.

Yesterday’s activity was appreciated (even if they would die before admitting it), so we decided to do continue today we new activities. We upgraded today’s version to exclude the printouts and texted all instructions. Next time we will send a new instruction after they delivered photographic proof of performing the asked task.

We know, we are the greatest! #faketimidity

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