When kids are OK

There are so many reasons why I love this clip. First Walk of Earth are super talented (alternative fact/opinion). Ed Sheeran is brutally talented in writing good songs (alternative fact/opinion). But foremost I LOVE the fact that they have one of their (no not that it is everybody’s baby, but someone’s in the group) baby is there, not put in away, supervised by a babysitter. They don’t worry. They include the most important beings in our world. They let it be part of their thing.

In opposite what I hear/see/read especially in our part of the world, where kids many times are portrayed at as an accessory somewhat like a Louis Vuitton bag (alternative fact/opinion supported by some empirical studies) but less valuable. Something to show up at occasions but very often complained about and should be out of sight most of the time so life can continue as pre kids. Somewhat like in the 1800’s but slightly different.

And I think they way we try to keep them out is so counter productive. My belief is that if kids are allowed where we (babies over 18) are, they don’t become this nuisance so many parents are afraid of.

Lets listen and enjoy

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