The other side

I really dislike being ill. Don’t we all you claim. But I have come to a point when ill, when you spend it in a dark room lying down watching the walls and sleeping, is a lost day. Days are there to live, to do things, to experience things, to chat with your partner and kids. Even if you spend your days working you do something, accomplish something. But when you are ill you barely exist.

Starting Friday with a small cough, increased by Sunday with headache and fatigue. Did a general fault mixed work with sleeping and made me fall flat on Thursday. I was more sensible an stayed down in Friday too.

Today I felt better and thought I might be over to the other side. Then I started coughing then there was a soar throat showing with the headache…

Because being well is the most unappreciated state of humans. And the fact that people spend their healthy time moaning, complaining and spreading hate is beyond me. Shame people.

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