Non stick for negativity or just plain smart

My youtube clip in my last post, doesn’t do much to help balance our time’s biggest disease – aggregated stress. Aggregated stress is when you take each individual sanitized post in your social media feed and add it on top of each other, making you believe that your life has to have all of these (individual) ingredients in order to be good. Not reflecting upon the fact that no one else has all of the pieces, they only have “their” piece. This creates an unattainable life, that doesn’t exists,  leaving many people with a sense of void.

No, I didn’t capture when one of our sons were offended being told that his way of getting on to the button lift was counterproductive. I didn’t catch the hungry youngster who despite his fatigue still made it perfectly clear that he  didn’t want any advice on how to stand on the snowboard, nor did I take a single shot of a tired parent (read me) who shared her disappointment (in a hostile and unfair way) in her lack of skills and not one single piece of common domestic sibling rivalry was saved for afterlife.

Why didn’t I? Why should I? My life is filled with these things, every single day. I know this. I don’t need to get reminded, I never get the chance to forget.

On the other hand my memory is like a non stick pan for negativity and instead I imbibe all the good stuff. Leaving me with an incorrect, but darn happy life.

In short I’m smart.


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