Sam’s started “junior high” and it is clear that the tempo and amount around homework and tests are C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y different from sixth grade.

We are cool but demanding parents. We’re not demanding straight A’s (which is almost impossible to get in Sweden), we’re actually not demanding any specific grade more than he needs to pass. But, we do demand that he gives an effort. When it comes to grades, Sam (and Fabian) will need to put their own demands and expectations . Our task will then be to support and challenge them in getting those grades.

Personally, being the good girl with good grades almost through all of school, have also realized that life will not be over if one doesn’t get those perfect grades. But that’s a knowledge and experience I will keep away from my kids for a little longer.

I also realize that the 7:th grade tests and what they are assessed by for their grades is C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y different from my 7:th grade tests. I needed to know facts, but very little reason around these facts. I am so happy that I’m out of school…


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