One time at band camp

I wasn’t a summer camp kid. As my mother was a stay-at-home-mom/working from home, I always stayed at home the full summer break.

As Sam can’t have a real summer job until next year (the luck of having your birthday in December. Personally I started out quite early at 9 or 10  with simpler chores at our farm, like painting fences), we are working and since we don’t believe it can’t be healthy for a teenager to be home an entire summer with nothing to do, we sent him off to camp this summer. 4H camp an hour away. No mobile connection, all there is, is an old analog telephone.

Let’s see what he feels about it. Let’s see if I survive (but yesterday before his bro left for grandma’s I couldn’t wish them off fast enough, siblings picking on each other constantly drives every parent insane).

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