One can always change one’s mind.

I’ve been to Paris a couple of times, always for work though so very little “just for fun”. I haven’t enjoyed it. I’ve been met by high-hats and poor understanding that French is close to incomprehensibly when not being taught (and not so many of us have, but almost all of us know English and so should you, you silly French lady at the information desk at Charle de Gaulle!) but I always learn the common greeting phrases and pleasantries of the country I am about to visit.

Anyway, this year the Euro2016 takes place in France and as a wife to soccer maniac, we had to go. With or without tickets. We booked the trip already in December and in May we got our hands on four very over-prized tickets to the Ireland-Sweden game at Stade de France. You only live once right?

Arriving to our hotel late Sunday night we met a hotel hallway where sparks were flying (well it sounded like that anyway) and one room smelling of poo and both rooms had an average temperature of 25 C. And all my feeling towards France and the French came back to me. After complaining and new rooms were received (still no 100% working AC) I let it be.

And do you know what, when you let go and decide to look at things anew, strange and the most wonderful things will happen. Paris is magical. Parisians are lovely and I just love it as any other major city.

Part of me wished I was 20 again, then I would go live there and live out all the artistic romantic dreams that city holds.

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