When happiness doesn’t show

I have written about it before. This happiness shit. And I am one of them who claims that happiness is good for you, that it is something to strive towards and live in, at least it is for me.

My happiness is always based in my own needs. And never, at least not consciously, measured with others. For me happiness comes when I am true to myself. When I listen to myself.

My problem occurs when I don’t listen to myself. Or, as currently, when I can’t put my finger on what I want. Combined with temporary bad self-confidence (oh yes, that happens) my life tend to get really shitty.

Instead of shopping me out my misery I try self-reflection and some common and targeted problem solving. Here my impatience is really not my best companion.

So, right now I am not in a happy place right now. I lean against the fact that nothing lasts forever, this is what life is and am consoled that we are healthy combined with being stuck with the best husband and kids available (and the dog is cute).

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