Happiness is…

…to manage to get four tickets to a already fully booked stand-up comedy show with Sweden’s best comedians.

I promised friends and the Mr to be ready to book tickets as soon as they were released. What I didn’t think of, was the fact that I was in a meeting when this happened and then in another one in the rest of the afternoon.

When I was going home I saw something about extra shows and realized what I’d done (or hadn’t done) and got all sweaty. I tried fast to book tickets. But without any luck, unless we were OK to have single seats all over the place.

I texted my friend, and actually went home to her to do the walk the shame. Her partner was very understanding as it wasn’t tickets for the Word Cup finals. But I really fretted the fact that I missed to book.

But standing there, in front of the computer thinking how far we could possibly consider to travel to get to see him, all of a sudden an extra show appeared, in the city we are the closest to.

OMG, I have never transfered money that quickly and simultaneously double-check with her partner if they could get off that early on a Friday afternoon (4.30 pm).

Happiness spelled luck.

Ps this is the comedian Sam saw in the evening press when he was about three and expressed “Look, daddy!”

And although humor in another  lauguage is hard, here he is – Johan Glans.


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