Favorites eps. 5

My free, untied days didn’t last that long. In 1993 I fell head over heels in love with the Mr. Perhaps it was a naive love, but in hindsight it was by all means, true love. It was as uncomplicated as love can be in our late teens, because all that mattered was our feelings for one-another.

And one thing you should remember with the love of your life, is what song you danced to the first time. I know it was Eros Ramazotti, this album was released that year and this song was a hit and a slow dance, so logically this is most probable song, but we will not find out for sure. And as we still slow dance at times, it doesn’t really matter.

The Mr introduced the full repertoire of one of the greatest singer and songwriters, Van Morrison. We have been to a numerous concerts in Gothenburg and Copenhagen and need to go find one more, before he quits. I just pick one of his songs because they are all good and is part of us since then.

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