Favorites ep. 2

Ok, let’s go back a year or two from the Girls just want to have fun era (which was a long one). I would like to share some of the songs that still clings on to my memory. From grade 5 to 10 I come to think of a number of songs that was special to me. Many of the connected to school dances. My absolute favourite will of course be in the end.

I remember one school dance in fifth grade where we only played Eurythmics and Europe. I brought the Eurythmics record (yes, you read correctly – record). Favorite songs on these albums would have been Thorn in my side and Carrie.

One song also from grade five. A time when you had to determine if you were a hard rock fan or a fan of electronic music. I for sure was a hard rocker… well I liked this one – a lot.

And those school dances from junior high – sigh. When I’d build up the courage to ask one of the special boys to slow dance. To this one:

or this one:

or this one:

MY GOD Tom Cruise looked good, pre scientology.

For a more up-beat but still 80’s song this one was really good:

I could go on forever and ever with all the music that I have such clear memories to. But since I have to stop, I stop with a song, or group, that had my interest for a loong time. I still remember my mum being angry for spending all my pocket money on endless copies of the German music magazine Bravo. There was no other magazine that had such good coverage of them; Jordan, Johnathan, Joey, Donnie and Danny. And my heart belonged to Jonathan. Even if it turned out I married Donnies little brother Marky Mark. The one and only NKOTB.


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