Favorites ep. 1

I got a Facebook challenge from one of my oldest and dearest friends. She like me is a photographer and blogger.

She wanted me to share my top 7. songs from my life. Really? I’m soon 42. There is no way 7 songs will be enough.

So, as I usually do, I go my own way and will make this a 7 episode series where I will share music that meant a lot to me during my life.

Let’s start with my all time favorite. Maybe the title wouldn’t work today, because we for sure want other things, like being seen as equals, but this was my favorite film – Girls just want to have fun. I was so proud that I knew of Sarah Jessica Parker, Shannon Doherty and Helen Hunt WAY before the masses found them. (But to tell you the truth I am even more proud (and surprised) that I managed to make a piracy copy of the VHS tape with two VHS recorders and a scart cord – way before there was a internet to ask.)

The movie has dance and it has romance and some rebellion (three things that I lacked at thirteen, the fist time I stepped into a dance class I was in my 20’s…)

Anyway here you are. First “I can fly” with Rainey from the best clip in the entire film (I found exactly that clip) and then the final scenes where we once again hear Rainey in Technique. Join my youth and enjoy!

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