The question

The most common question I get nowadays is if I like being “on my own” aka self-employed.

And the answer to it is yes. Yes, and nothing but yes, at least for now.

I have during my 1.5 years as self-employed noticed a change in behaviour when you move from role to a needed skill. When you are woking as a consultant, freelance (call it whatever), people need and respect you, through your skill. They request you when they need you.

When employed to perform that (possibly same) skill, I perceive it as being transformed and scaled to a role. A role caught in a structure of other roles (hierarchy), where the different roles have different importance and your skill becomes subordinate your role.

These are, as always, personal perceptions, which you can agree or disagree with. But as manager I challenge you to analyze if you behave differently towards your consultants than your employees. And, if so, why?

So until I meet this flawless management and leadership in IRL, I will continue to be self-employed. For now.

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