Wannabes who don’t wannado

Are you one of those who like to be seen and heard but not really accomplish so much? I Sweden we name this (in a straight forward translation) “a lot of talking but very little mechanics”…?

Then you and I are most probably not compatible.

I love visionary people and it is more than OK to not do so much yourself, but you must, at least, make other people start doing. And for heavens sakes, do not talk about what you’re about to do and then when called, start explaining why you haven’t done….

I am quite nasty, ’cause I kind of like pulling down the pants on those guys and girls. I most often do it in a very sophisticated way (which makes me even worse). That is probably why I like CSR and sustainability a lot as there, action is everything. It doesn’t matter how much you talk, you gotta do!

I also have a theory what gender is most common to be a “wannaber but no wannadoer” and why it is like this. But I talk about that another time.

What are your thoughts around this subject?

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