What is a blog

According to Wikipedia a blog is:

“… a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries…”

So, by that I can use my blog to inform readers about things happening in my life and/or opinions that I have due to things happening, or not, in my life.

To have an opinion and to express it, is my right as a human being living in a democracy. I do not always need to express my opinion. So I don’t. But my blog is, for sure, a way to process things happening in my life. It helps me in one way or another.

For me it is important to not be rude to specific individuals (the Mr exempt). Overall I try to focus on the persona rather than the person when I blog.

Reading a number of blogs and the comments to the different posts, I would say that today many people have a hard time separating someones’ expressed opinion of something from “a masters voice”. Sure, there are many of us who need to become far better at expressing ourselves, but then again I would say that we also must become far better to realize that we are not the centers of other peoples universes. Hence when opinions are expressed, it is not an opinon/judgement of the receiver or his/hers opinion in the matter (which usually is unknown). It is merely an expression of ourself.

Personally, I hope that I my thoughts expressed in my blog, can help people with their own opinion, be used as base for discussions, or to help me widen my own perspective (maybe changing my opinion all together).

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