Mr B

This year we remembered it. His birthday. Our beloved ridgeback Buddy.


Buddy is kind. The most important character for any dog. For burglers he is big enough (even if he from a ridgeback perspective is quite small). and his bark has pondus, which always makes me feel safe when the Mr is away.

He doesn’t like the dark and run (really, really fast) inside after his last garden pee at night and when left alone he finds any garment from any family member and brings to bed.

He loves to be cuddled and it’s a party every time he gets invited to come up in the sofa.

Some claim dogs are too much work, but it is a choice of life. We wouldn’t trade it for the world.

IMG_5191IMG_5141 IMG_5163IMG_5169 IMG_5224 IMG_5242

Today he turns 4! Happy birthday Buddy boy!

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