Going to the theatre

Friday was the boys last day of school. Something worth celebrating. Sometimes in a simple way and other times with a big bang. This year it was closer to a big bang, at least with our measures. We went to the… theatre. We enjoyed Charles Dickens’ A Christmas carol.

Personally, I believe that when a person has the “capacity” to enjoy any form of art (plays, music, paintings, dance etc etc) she has reached a higher level in life. And by saying enjoy I mean enjoy it with your soul, not with your head.

Unfortunatly, living on the countryside, not that many oppertunities occur to enjoy it. Or should I say, culture is not served under your nose to take part in – one has to go out and grab it.

It was a play for families so the production was adapted both in screen-play and time for that younger part of the audience (who might have a shorter attention span).

And the boys seemed to enjoy it. They said they did, but foremost they looked liked they did.

I guess that is what it will be, my new year’s resolution for 2015 – more culture!



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