If life ended now…

… It would have been a perfect life. Today we decided to celebrate our boys. Just because. Because they are the ones they are. Many mornings we leave the house (and them) just right after they wake up. And not once they have been late to school (knock on wood). They make breakfast, they leave and lock and arrive in time for school. If they need special things to school like wellies for special classes they bring them by them self. They look out for eachother and comfort eachother if they fall over with the bike. They do their chores with very little complain. They are doing alright in school and working and making progress on their temper and manners. They are positive and dare to dream. No, they are not better than your children. As usual I stay away from comparison. But I really believe that positive reinforcement is how to do it. Is how to make even more progress. So today we celebrated a little extra. Making sure they knew why. Our boys.

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