A good person

I know it might sound presumptuous. I am well aware that I have a recoccuring (not totally sound) hybris. But do you know, I really, truly do not give a s**t.

During the last days I received some really nice feedback. Of who I am. Not what I do (because there I am not quite sure…). And do you know what? It feels good.

Apperently, I am someone who people feel they can turn to for a bit of perspective. To clear ones mind. And, I like it.

Maybe I should apply for some pshycology education? My company would be called: “No bullshit, but it doesn’t mean you’re not loveable”.

But for now, I continue to be me and a good friend for some.

PS I “returned the favour” by telling a new aquintances that I appreciated her ways and persona (which I did otherwise I wouldn’t say nothing). I saw she liked it.

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