Why worry?

Remember a while vack, I got pissed at my self for my poor planning? Well, it turned out it was OK for me to arrived late to the client on my children’s last day of school and… I was not needed today (tomorrow I will be), which meant I could home the entire birthday of my youngest! Fab!

So the agony I had of the missed planning – no need!

The only “problem” for today was: 1) birthdayboy had day camp 2) older brother got an offer he couldn’t refuse to go to an amusment park (he’s still not home) 3) the Mr is working the nightshift and needed to sleep half of the day. This led to me having loads of me-time which I spent with important things like: washing, cleaning, and some gardening. Yeah, well done Louise…

Nevermind, the birthday boy and his parents went out for dinner and ice-cream. Good end to a somewhat odd birthday.

Fabian and I say thank you for all the birthday wishes From around the world.






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