I am not that stupid kind of gal. So pleeeeeeease if you can’t tell me the straight up truth, do not communicate with me at all.

I really get a rash from BS AND I loose trust in You.

Just so we are clear.

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  1. teddylee01 says:

    exactly.. you shouldn’t have to people these kind of things, but hopefully they get the message Louise

    1. louisedock says:

      It is just when they try so freaking hard at it and they don’t think I am able to see right through them, I get kind of upset. Don’t know if it is that they think I am stupid or the fact that I realize they are 😉.

      1. teddylee01 says:

        Thats the worst when people try that hard..
        at least you see right through their bullshit and don’t put up with it…

  2. louisedock says:

    Yes, and the hardest part is to do it with dignity and style and not to shout it back to their faces 😉.

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