What if?

What if more teenagers, or people in general wanted more. I do not mean more money or stuff for themselves.

Watched a TV-show with the girl Malala from Pakistan, who was shot by talibans for standing up for her and all other girls’ right for education and freedom. I got so inspired by her and her father (her father said do not wing clip your children, oh so true).

The ugly paradox of what you do with your life became awefully clear when I saw another TV-show “Teenage boss”, where they let a teenager have the control of the family’s economy for a month. I see spoiled teens using money to go places and buy stuff (read clothes).

What would they say if they got the chance to speak infront of the UN?
” You know, I think I kind of would like to be rich and famous, sort of.” Giggle giggle.

If more young people (no, all people) would spend just half the time they do to find another pair of hot pants (of any other garment of fashion)  to care for the good of others. What a wonderful world we would have.

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