To be proud of

Tuesday morning. No stress. No chaos. Still a Tuesday morning where time flies.

In the car to work I reflect over the fact that I chose a different direction than before. When Fabian chose to wear his grumpy 7-year old mood and making it our fault that he didn’t want to eat breakfast.

Instead of making it a big fight with the base in my knowledge of what the absense of breakfast does to our child’s possibility to get into college. I chose to ask why he was not in the mood for breakfast, if he was tired and gave him a hug on the kitchen floor. Helping him to find a solution to the breakfast issues.

No yelling, no tears and only some mintues late.

After the reflection I gave myself a well deserved high five. I made it and will make it again.

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  1. Nellie says:

    Yeay! Det är ju dagens assning (som Mia Törnblom skulle kalalt det)!

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