No stress

The Friday didn’t go as planned. After a meeting I went to Sam’s teacher to help her to make distribution list for the school’s mail system. Partly to be a nice parent, partly because I really do not want to have the weekly updates on a piece of paper.

We have all different skills in life and mine is not to be pedagogic. Sam’s teacher is not to be ITsavy….

It too way longer time than I anticipated. First trying to figure out the mail program myself and then helping/teaching the teacher how to add contacs and put contacts into groups.

My plan was to have the entire afternoon to find our home. It has kind of dissappeared in our mess. We also had to go grocery shopping (the task only considered amusing when you are on maternity leave and see it as the only chance to get an hour on your own).

By the time we came home you could title the time of day to early evening. But we got some parts of the house sorted. With great help of our fab sons. And after the dinner we all ended it the best sofa ever, watching “Look who’s talking” and it sequel, the day ended well even if it didn’t go as planned.


This morning I start with some reading, can remember when I did that. No stress in da house.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nellie says:

    Den där boken är bra. 🙂

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Har bara kommit ca 100 sidor in, men såååå bra

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