Today I had a wonderful lunch with an even more wonderful friend.

A friend I found via work and who I can be absolutely 100% open and honest with. Someone I can share my inner most feelings and thoughts with. A friend who listens, supports and challenge me.

Today she challenged me to make chocolate cookies. Raw food chocolate cookies. I will do them and see what the boys say. Personally I am a sugar addicted maniac and could really need a alternative from my ordinary chocolate candy… Learn swedish or use Google translate, here is her recipe.

Yesterday I also had a lovely chat with another friend who I don’t know as deeply, but who really can provide me with alternative ways to look at things and always, ALWAYS is brutally honest, which I love. It is so freeing with people who know how to say thing like they are, without beating around the bush, but never with the smallest intent to hurt another one. And of course to have a receiver like me, who never (in these situations) takes things personal. And I I do, it was probably  meant t

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  1. Nellie says:

    Jag publicerade just dagens blogginlägg, sen såg jag via FB att du gjort detsamma. Jag gillar dig, mycket! Kram

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Kram på dig

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