That coach

Last week Sam was alone at swim practice. The head coach was the stand in as his ordinary coach was away. I realized quite fast that I was to witness great coaching from a dedicated and skilled coach.

He was disciplined. I am not for that east european (the head coach is from Poland…) style where the coach is yelling their heads off and the pupils are too afraid to cry. But I do believe that when you practice you practice. Fooling around you can do afterwards.

He was engaged. He kept his eyes on Sam (yes, I realize that he was the only one there) the entire 1,5 hrs and provided him with constant feedback. He was extremely pedagogic and explained all to him.

I guess that this is what you want to have from any coach, weather it is a practice or in school. and that it should be illegal to not have dedicated teachers and even more illegal to not pay a motivating and engaged teacher the best of money.

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