I am so jealous right now. On all of you who know what you want and who get energy from doing it. Really, really jealous. I am not only jealous. I am also getting tired of my complaining and the fact that I do not get a grip of myself. Because the worst thing I know after pedophiles and Handelsbanken, is people complaining.

Gotta brows after some exercises I can do to find out what I should be doing. At least it keeps my busy.

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  1. Malin says:

    I know this feeling oohhhhh sooo well…Tell Me if you find out how to move on…

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      He he! I will! Du får det gratis, till alla andra skajag sälja det dyyyyyyyrt. 😉

  2. Gil says:

    ??? You need help?

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Any help is welcome

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