Changing trains

Stephen AmellWhat is it they say… “Change is the only thing in life that is constant”.

So I’ve changed. Charlie Hunnam has been the flavor of the week since Christmas. But since all episodes of SOA (Son’s of Anarch you ignorant people) are watched and episode 6 will linger, one have to find another box of chocolates.

The box is called “Arrow“, a new TV-series (Lets face it TV is the new movie. Who has time to go to the movie paying a ridiculous sum of money so a spoiled star can demand white leather sofas when making apperances around the world…) and my favourite praline is called Stehen Amell.

Once again a good production (just like SOA and Homeland), maybe a little bit unlikely (who can master a bow and arrow in that way and be so fast…nobody, not even Robin Hood) but it doesn’t matter. It is good. Watch it!

So now and the Mr, the only man which will not be changed, will make another TV-journey together.

Bye bye Charlie (at least temporary) and hello Stephen!

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