Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We (or I) did the choice to limit the no. of paper Christmas cards sent out by the swedish postal services. Therefore I send our Seasons greeting via this post instead (if you are a regular on FB, you got it there as well). Maybe not at personal… but it is the thought that counts…

The purpose of this blog is to nothing grand, like worlds peace. It is an on-line dairy, about the more or less exciting life of me, which I share with the word and which is being read by handful of people.

But the base for my life (which is what I write about) is happiness. No recepeis on how you become (if you want to), but sometimes my own path shines through. I will continue to strive for my (and my immediate family’s ) happiness. I have learnt how it works for me. The choices i make might not always not be liked by everybody at all times, but it can be good to remember that I never do it to hurt anyone.

For 2013 I will continue to seek and act what is right for me, never mourn what was not given to me instead appreciate what I have. And to choose kindness when I am in doubt. It is not easy, but for me good to strive for (as I am evil right to the bone it is also a challenge with no boundaries ;).

Merry Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate) and enjoy 2013 – I will!


Photo: Pontus Höök

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