20 yrs later

In June next year we have been together for 20 yrs.
We celebrate it in advance wih a rooftop wedding in DA city. New York.

To our help we had Pontus Höök, who took this picture and like a million more. So looking forward to see the resultat of his job. Read his blog here.

And of course Eileen at Weddings of New York, who made our cermony just like we wanted it and who helped us with all the details.


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  1. londonswede says:

    Va?!? Har ni gift er? Trodde ni redan va gifta. Gud vad roligt. Grattis!!! Wow 20år. Kul. Kram.

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Japp det har vi och nej det var vi inte :). Tusen tack! Just nu på American museum of Natural History med riktigt ömma fötter.

      1. londonswede says:

        Åh vad roligt. Njut av NY! Härlig bild på er. Kram

  2. Sofia says:

    Men GRATTIS! Vad kul!

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Tusen tack! Ja, det var det verkligen.

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