Upset (again)

In the latest issue of my favourite magazine, yepp Your life, I read about this absurd, almost appalling (in my eyes) ritual – purity balls!

Fathers/parents who indirectly forces their daughters to pledge not to have sex before marriage.

I do not know what upsets me the most? The fact that they do it at all, the fact they claim to do in the interest/best of their daughters, that they claim that their daughters want to do it, the fact that they (the daughters) just do not understand what they actually are doing, or the fact that this is just another way of suppressing women.

To some extent I understand the purpose, it is the method I believe is completely off the walls! How can you demand that a 13 year old (in some cases as young as 4!!!) make a vow about something she doesn’t understand. Is it even legal for minors to do this?

A child in that age only wants one thing, and that is to please his/her partents (father). What these men do is nothing but abuse of power.

Naturally I do not want my children (no matter what gender) to sleep around. But I want them have a healthy approach to sex. It is a natural thing and at some age it becomes VERY interesting. I rather see that they can handle it wisely. This way is not the solution.

Another aspect that bothers me is that this is ritual is only for girls. Where are the boys? What a fantastic way to get rid of all rapes (if it only was that simple).

This ritual is close to incest in my eyes, it is an unhealthy way to care for your child.

And the irony of it all is that this phenomena is sprung from a group of people in a country where one speaks so highly of the individuals freedom. I guess as long as we are talking about my freedom and not yours…

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