Trying to convince myself

I know that the best thing I can do is to just go with it, there is not much/anything I can do. And that is killing me right now. To know what I want, to have it at an arms length, but still way out of reach and foremost out of my control. Trying to…

Coming home

I went to a CSR meeting yesterday. CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility. It was like I found a word for what I, as a communicator always have been about. Transparency and balance. But what hasn’t been the focus of the corporate forces. For me it was like coming home.

Being a woman

Today March 8, International women’s day I want to clarify some things. Women are great. Period. Men are also great. Full stop. Do I think that men are superior women? – No. And neither do I think that women are superior men. There are differences between the sexes, that’s awesome. The sad part is that…


For many people it is action that is the missing factor. They know exactly what they should do, “if only”. One could describe them in a negative manner like people not having the balls to get their shit together and do something about their lives. I would probably describe them as “scared”. It is hard to…

Stood up

It was a long time ago (if you don’t count what just happened two minutes ago) I was stood up by a man. I wonder if it ever has happened. Fabian joined me in my (it is only mine tonight when the Mr is working the nightshift, otherwise it is our) bedroom. He came in…

The power of development

Change is often foreseen as scary. The usual assessment is: change brought by others are is more scary then the one you inflict by your self. But I wonder. How many times have we not ducked when a chance of change have knocked on the door and we have let it pass with a number of “well-thought” arguments. When you…

To change or not

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”  ― Charles Darwin I read his quote on a restroom wall in Lisbon, Portugal once and since then it really stuck to me. In my strive for personal happiness I live by it (even if I, at times, am…

What do they say?

My coach once said “when u feel something, be curious on your emotions and investigate what they really want to tell you”. I am feeling A LOT right now, the question is what do they tell me? I think they say: “Why dont you all just fuck off?!”

My life is not Pommac

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am stuck in my development. But step by step, and with the never ending patience of (a) friend(s) I am making progress. Small progress. I want more. More of life. My life is not a bloody Pommac, it is freaking champagne!


On our way to the store this afternoon F, the little one, starting to sound words on his brother’s Donald Duck magazine. WHAT?! WHEN?! HOW?! and WHY?! My babies, my small babies are getting big and so soon!