Friday tulips

Almost every Friday I purchase a bouquet flowers, usually tulips. Nowadays it doesn’t only bright my day up, flowers makes you happy, but I also think of my friend Monika. She also likes tulips and always purchase white ones. I can’t limit myself I need have colours and different ones every time. Happy Friday all,…

It bothers me

It bothers me that Fabian is off to Denmark for his first abroad game and I sit here at home. It bothers me that the sun is shining and we probably will have a yearly high in temperature. This great weather which we have had the full weekend, including my Friday off, has invited to…


I will just say that what’s happening right now is unbelievable. Unbelievable and wrong. (I will ignore the fact that the site went down twice writing this).

Fantastic parents

Sam wasn’t selected to make the military service. Due to lactose intolerance… We were all kind of surprised about this, especially that it wasn’t sorted before the physical visit. We were thinking that he might get removed by his hearing, but he never came that far. But no sad faces on any of us. And…

Short feeback

The message to our little miss T seems to have worked. Last night she didn’t bother come into our bedroom. On the other hand her big brother did. So if anyone has a minute over, please inform him, that no dogs should be co-sleeping in our bed going forward. Thank you,

Could someone please inform her

Every night/morning between 2-5 am she comes. She flings the bedroom door open with her nose and stands by the bed. I, no one else, must leave the bed, ask her to jump up with her front legs on the bed, and thereafter have me (no one else) elevate her by her hind ones. She…

What if?

I just went back to sleep? Like right now. My thick, not sore, throat woke me up 1.5 hrs ago. Been doing all sorts of things except sleeping. Now I will give it a go. Wish me luck.

20 minutes at the mall

If that’s (header) what I get I sure take them. I’m not like my old teenage me, who L.O.V.E.D to shop. Loved it! Now I think shopping is both boring a bad for the the environment. But as you know, I love to be around my children. So after yesterday’s game, Fabian and I went…

Them – again

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a nostalgic sucker, because I’m getting old, because my family is my universe, because I am me or a combination of all above. But them kids. Gee, what is happening and I can I cope? This is nothing you think about getting pregnant or after delivering your baby….

Malik hitting Båstad

During the night the storm Malik was passing Båstad and Sweden. It peaked during the night, but still roams around. This morning many curious people (including ourselves) went down to the ocean and the harbor to see what Malik had been up to.