Sam our man ❤️

He had us waiting. Not for long, but we first had some else cooking for May 2003, but “thankfully” that unborn was lost. But then he came.

He was planned for 2 January 2004, but thanks to being a breech baby, we got a planned c-section and then – to meet my wish of not deliver at or around Christmas, the surgeon gave us the offer 30 of December. A kind of – take it or leave it offer.

Tomorrow we pass our “last” hurdle – his 18th birthday, last one out of his friends.

Even if he was last of his year, he always has been a big boy. Birth length wasn’t fully measured but the scale was 100% – 4.4 kg. He passed me in length in October 2016 and shortly thereafter his father. Today the tallest in the family and I believe it will stay that way.

Over the years, it’s been very clear is that exercise has been, and still is, a very good way for him (as for us all) to function at his best. He has been swimming, done gymnastics, horse back riding, played football but best of all was the taekwondo. The physical combined with discipline was a match made in heaven. He did it for 7 years and it brought both him and us much joy (and sometimes pain).

For me personal boundaries is what comes to mind when I think of Sam. Maybe sometimes they are too rigid (for my taste). But if Sam doesn’t want to do something, he won’t. On the other hand if Sam wants to do something – he does.

For Sam it’s important to be just. This was very hard for him growing up, when classmates could change the rules (not necessarily to be mean) and it made him frustrated. He is also very gentle (many mums have said this to me several times) and he’s open with his emotions, not afraid to share them, e.g., I still get to kiss him on the cheek in public.

I love him to the moon and back in all infinity. He makes me very proud and sometimes not so happy, like all kids. I sense our relationship is becoming more adult. Talking about stuff. Sharing and not me just being a parent. Tomorrow, he’s an adult in the eyes of society, but he will always be my baby boy. My vibrant, loud laughing son. My first born. And I will continue to stand behind him, as long as I live, ready to step in if he needs me to.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    So fun to read your reflection on your sin Sam…tell him Happy Birthday from the Browns in Branson, Missouri.

    1. louisedock says:

      Thank you. I will. Happy new year to you guys.

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